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Mr. Peng Feng

Research Postgraduate (PhD)


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Research Postgraduate (PhD) in the Department of Biosciences  


During the master programme in the University of Twente, my research interests were mainly focused on tissue engineering and the investigation of associated signalling pathways. In my research of tissue engineering, an engineered human liver tissue was constructed in vitro. A porcine liver biopsy was decellularized to prepare an ECM scaffold which was then recellularized with human HepG2 cells, and associated histological analysis for cell viability and migration in the scaffold was done. My investigation of signalling pathways was to model a crosstalk between TGF-β and Wnt pathway. A software ANIMO was applied for the computational modelling, and then stimulation of mouse C2C12 cells with TGF-β3 and/or BIO, ligands of the two pathways, and analysis of downstream phospho-SMAD2/3 were done to improve the model. For my bachelor study in the Inner Mongolia University, I systematically studied basic biological techniques, such as genetic engineering in E. coli cells with an exogenous bacterial alkaline phosphatase gene, and in vitro extension and cryopreservation of mouse embryonic fibroblasts.

Research interests

  • Skin Tissue Engineering

Esteem Indicators

  • 0000: : 19/12/2012 First Class Scholarship of Inner Mongolia University, 2011-2012
    18/12/2013 First Class Scholarship of Inner Mongolia University, 2012-2013
    05/12/2014 First Class Scholarship of Inner Mongolia University, 2013-2014
    10/06/2015 First Class Scholarship of Inner Mongolia University, 2014-2015

Media Contacts

Available for media contact about:

  • Biological and Biomedical Sciences: Tissue engineering
  • Stem cells and regenerative medicine: Tissue engineering