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Zhuotong Wu

Research Student

Research Student in the Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences


Zhuotong Wu is a PhD student in the Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences at Durham University, funded by the China Scholarship Council (CSC) - Durham University Joint PhD Scholarship. Wu has a MSc in Sports Management from Beijing Sport University (BSU) in China, and another MSc in Sports Marketing from the Real Madrid Graduate School - Universidad Europea, after she obtained a BSc in Business Administration from Jiangsu University in China. Wu is also a volleyball player and an International Association for the Development of Apnea (AIDA) freediver.


Follow Zhuotong Wu on Twitter: @wuzhuotong

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Zhuotong Wu’s work focuses on the experiences of Chinese women football fans of the Chinese professional football league, the Chinese Football Association Super League (the CSL), and the ‘feminization’ of Chinese football fandom. It could be used to advance social equality by amplifying voices of marginalised and minority groups and reducing gender inequalities in sports to improve the quality of life and develop sporting opportunities for all. Wu is also particularly interested in the development and application of qualitative research methods.

Supervised by

Dr Stacey Pope

Professor Cassandra Phoenix

Applied Experience
  • Research Fellow at Sport-Madness, Madrid, Spain. 2019
  • UEFA Champions League Volunteer, Madrid, Spain. 2019
  • Research assistant in the Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences. Project title: ‘Social Media and Canadian Women's Physical Activity Participation’. The UK. 2021
  • Wolfson Research Institute for Health and Wellbeing (WRIHW) doctoral training programme. The UK. 2021-2023
  • Committee member of the 8th International Society of Qualitative Research in Sport and Exercise (QRSE) conference 2022. Durham, the UK. 2022 
Conference Presentations
  • The 8th Qualitative Research in Sport & Exercise (QRSE) Conference (2022) The Interweaving of Football Homogenization and Football Feminization: Participation Constraints of Non-Spanish Women Fans in Spain.
  • The 19th European Association for Sociology of Sport (EASS) conference (2023) The Feminization of Chinese Football Fandom and the ‘Inauthenticity’ of Women Fans: A Confucianism-based Framework.
  • Flash talk on the 6th Annual Durham University Wolfson Research Institute for Health and Wellbeing ECR Conference (2023)

The Key Project of the China National Social Science Foundation (2018-2021) Research on the extent and effectiveness of industrial convergence of the sports industry with related industries in China (18ATY006).