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Ziyu Miao is currently a full-time PhD student at Durham University. He began his road in law at the University of Science and Technology Beijing, where he earned a Bachelor of Law degree and was honoured as a Distinct Graduation Student (2018 - 2022). Before graduation, he decided to give up the chance of postgraduate recommendation in China and start a new journey at King's College London. After a year in London, Ziyu achieved a Master of International Business Law degree with merit at King's (2022 - 2023). While reading in the Maughan Library, Ziyu moved his eyes from Business Law to Human Rights Law, especially some topics combining traditional discipline with modern technology. With a passion for research on Algorithmic Discrimination and Equality, Ziyu began to pursue his PhD at Durham, supervised by Dr Eleni Frantziou and Dr Zhiyu Li (2023 - Present). 

Research interests

  • Constitutional Law
  • Human Rights Law
  • Horizontal Effect
  • Algorithmic Discrimination