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How do I search for a module?

Enter a keyword into the Module Search. This search feature allows you to search through every module in the module database. The search looks in the text of:

  • Module Title
  • Content
  • Aims
  • Module Code
  • Summative assessment.

To search just for Undergraduate or Postgraduate modules, go to our Module Handbooks:

How does the keyword search work?

If you enter two keywords, the search will find all modules with one OR the other word. For instance, if you enter “Human diversity”, the search will return all modules containing “human” OR “diversity”.

Also, you should note that the search will identify words that form parts of longer words. For example, a search on the word "sport" will also find modules that contain the word "transport".

How can I filter search results?

If there are too many modules in your search results, just tick the appropriate boxes at the left of the search results. You can filter search results by:

  • Department

This option allows you to restrict your search to one or more departments

  • Type

The database may be searched according to the type of module. An Open module is one that may be taken by any student in any faculty studying on any degree programme provided that they meet the pre-requisites. A Tied module is a module that is only available to students studying on a particular degree programme(s). A module marked Either is tied to a particular degree programme but is also available to students doing other programmes.

  • Level

This tells you how demanding the module is. This feature allows the search to be restricted to modules at any particular level.

  • Number of credits

You may restrict a search to modules of a particular size.

Help, I cannot see my Department or Level

Look for the See More button under the filter options to see all the options available.