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Teaching and Learning Hours

Every module outline includes a summary of the teaching and learning hours associated with that module under the Teaching methods and learning hours header. This enables you to see the number and duration of core teaching activities (e.g. lectures and seminars), and expectations around preparation and self-directed study, for each of your modules.

Teaching & Learning in 2020-21

In 2020-21, teaching and learning activities will be delivered on a blended basis, with all programmes offering some face to face and some digital sessions. To ensure that you get the maximum benefit from in-person contact with lecturers, we have prioritised high-value interactions, for example discussion groups and workshops, for face to face delivery. You'll be able to see which classes will be available on a face to face or digital basis when the University timetable is published in the coming weeks.

In general terms, lectures and other larger group activities will be delivered digitally. These may be available as live (synchronous) and/or pre-recorded (asynchronous) sessions. Lectures will generally be asynchronous, and there may be some changes to published duration for asynchronous sessions, for example where sessions would typically otherwise be broken up with group discussion or activities. Teaching in smaller-group settings – such as seminars, tutorials and practicals – will be delivered face to face on campus, where it is possible and can be done safely. Other small group teaching sessions will be available digitally.

In cases where staff may be shielding, seminars and other classes may also be delivered online. Wherever possible, there will be online provision for students unable to attend face to face sessions for health reasons.

We will review our plans throughout the year. As conditions and guidelines change, we will adapt and respond. If current social distance restrictions are increased, we will consider moving more content online, in line with government and other relevant guidance. If requirements are relaxed further, we will review the timetable to see if we can safely increase the amount of face to face teaching we can make available.