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Firm and Insurance Offer Holders 

As a Durham offer holder you’ll find important information here about what happens next and some of the things you need to do to make sure the next stage of your student journey with us goes smoothly. 

Keeping us updated

It’s really important that you let us know of any changes in your personal details after you’ve accepted your offer with us. This might be things like a change of residential address, or a change in email address. This is especially important if you’ve been using a school email address and will not have access to it when you leave. You’ll need to let UCAS know, and can contact Durham at Ask Us.

If you need to send us important documents and haven’t already done so, then please do so as soon as possible, including certificates and transcripts once you have these. If you already had relevant qualifications when you applied or have an English language condition, there are earlier deadlines you need to meet. Please check your offer guide for our deadlines.

It’s important to make sure that you’ve sent us everything we need.

If you’ve applied using Common App, your offer guide will tell you how to send us your documents.

If you feel something has negatively affected your exam performance then you need to make sure your school or college let your exam board know about this. If it hasn’t been possible to let your exam board know then you can tell us by completing our mitigating circumstances form.


Confirmation is the process of confirming your accepted (i.e. firm or insurance for UCAS applications) place if you have met the conditions of your offer. If you haven’t met the conditions of your offer then we still need to make a confirmation decision on your application, and we explain here what happens if you find yourself in that situation.

We receive a lot of exam results through UCAS, but we don’t receive all of them. If we don’t receive your exam results through UCAS you’ll need to send yours to us using our document upload facility

If we receive your results before you become firm or insurance with us, we may be able to reflect the change in our decision making:

  • If you send us your results before we make an initial decision on your application, we will consider your actual grades ahead of your predicted grades.
  • If you already have an offer with us, haven’t made your replies yet and now meet some or all of your offer conditions then we are able to update your offer to reflect this.

Unfortunately, if you were initially unsuccessful, we wouldn’t be able to reconsider your application unless the course was open at UCAS and you submit a new application to us.

We understand that examination boards may be unable to tell you what your exam results are on the day you expect them. If this happens, we will be able to hold your offer until 31 August 2020.

Normally when results are late, they are delayed only by a day or two. Once your results are confirmed, please contact us to let us know as we do not receive notification from UCAS. 

If your initial results are due to be released by your exam board between 1 and 8 September, we cannot guarantee 2021 entry and you might be offered a place for 2022. Beyond this date, we may not be able to accept your grades but will consider these on a case by case basis.

Met your conditions?

If you meet the conditions of your offer then your place will be confirmed and you will be able to see this at UCAS Track (for Common App we will email you the outcome). For conditional firm offer holders this means that you’re on your way to Durham! 

If you’re holding an insurance place with us and are confirmed by your firm choice then we’d like to offer our congratulations and best wishes for a happy and successful undergraduate career at your chosen university. We hope you’ll consider postgraduate study with us at a later time.

If you’re an insurance offer holder and your firm choice doesn’t accept you, but you are accepted by Durham, then you’ll become unconditional firm with us. We know you’ll love studying at Durham.

Unconditional firm offer holder

For all unconditional firm offer holders (including if you used to be conditional firm or conditional insurance) there’s still some important things you need to do, including:

  • Completing your Offer Acceptance Form. You’ll need to do this within 7 days of receiving your confirmed decision. It’s important you do this as this is the step that creates your student record to allow you to enrol.
  • Choosing your accommodation preferences. Look out for emails from your college and make sure you’ve completed everything you need to.
  • Once you’ve completed our Offer Acceptance Form (and been allocated a college if you don’t already have one) then after a few days we’ll send you instructions by email on how to enrol and then all you need to do is pack!

Note, if you were accepted after narrowly missing your grades or were originally insurance with us, then it can take some time for your college to be allocated whilst we identify where there are spaces available. This means that once you’ve submitted your Offer Acceptance Form you may not move onto Enrolment immediately whilst your college allocation is considered.

Haven't met your conditions?

If you haven’t met the conditions of your offer then you might still be accepted. The best way to find out is by checking your UCAS application (for Common App we will email you the outcome).

If you haven’t received a decision then we’re still considering you. As long as we have received all of your results, we’ll make a decision within seven days of A level results day. If you think we haven’t received all of your results, then please upload them as soon as possible. If you don’t want to wait for our decision then you can complete and we will process an unsuccessful decision on your application so you can take up another place.

Sometimes when you haven’t met the conditions of your offer we aren’t able to give you the same course, but can give you something else. If we make you a “change course offer” then you do not have to accept this (but we hope you do) and can turn it down to accept another place. If you do want to accept the new course then you’ll need to do this through your UCAS application within five days.

If your status at UCAS is unsuccessful then we’re really sorry, we haven’t been able to offer you a place. Depending on whether Durham was your firm or insurance choice your alternative choice may still be open to you, or you could enter Clearing. Whatever you do, good luck!

Confirmation and college allocation

If you accepted Durham as your firm choice and met the conditions of your offer you’ll already know which college you will be joining, and they will contact you to ask for your room preferences, so make sure you check your emails for this. 

If you didn’t meet the conditions of your offer but were accepted anyway, either on your original choice of course or a new one, or if you’re joining us after accepting us as your insurance choice, your college may change.

If this applies to you then we will update you by email about what happens next.

Exam Board Appeals and Re-marks

If you’re unsuccessful at confirmation and decide you want the examination board to re-consider the results they have given you, you can request a Priority Re-mark. If you meet the conditions of your offer after a successful regrade then you should upload evidence of this as soon as you receive it.

If you’re able to let us know by 31 August then we’ll do our best to offer you a place if you’ve met the original conditions of your offer, but we can’t guarantee it. We may have to offer you a place on an alternative course, or a deferred place on your original choice of course.

After 31 August it becomes more difficult for us to be able to offer places for the up and coming academic year. If you can’t supply us with evidence of a successful regrade until after this date we will try to place you if we can, but it is more likely that any offer we make will be for the following year.

We know examination boards may be operating differently during the Covid-19 pandemic. Please check with your school/college and examination board for the correct way to request a re-mark or equivalent.

Important information for EU/international students

If you’re an EU/international student and need a Student Visa, Durham will issue you with a Certificate of Acceptance for Studies (CAS). We’ll contact you shortly after your offer is confirmed to tell you what you need to do. It’s really important that you follow the instructions in this email and reply to us quickly so your CAS is not delayed.

  • Further information on the CAS process and applying for a Student Visa.