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Mitigating Circumstances

We know that life and studying under Covid-19 restrictions will likely have been a very different experience for you. Chances are, you’ve had interrupted learning, and you may not have had the chance to take all of your exams to determine your final grades, so we have updated our mitigating circumstances process to reflect this.

Given the shared experience most our applicants will have had, we are only able to consider mitigating circumstances which are beyond the experience of your peers, and where you have been significantly more affected.

Impact on your exams

If during the year, you experience mitigating circumstances that affect your exam performance, you should report this to the relevant examination board, as they are the experts on their qualifications and are in the best position to assess the right level of mitigation for your circumstances.

If your mitigating circumstances could have been reported to your examination board, we will be unable to consider these.

However, if reporting these to the examination board has been impossible, you can choose to inform us about your circumstances using our Mitigating Circumstances Form.

Submitting your Mitigating Circumstances Form

If you plan to submit mitigating circumstances for consideration, you must upload the form and evidence before you receive your results or by Monday 31 July 2024 - whichever is earliest.

If you wish to use this form you should:

  • Specify which parts of your studies were affected
  • Specify why it has not been possible to report the mitigating circumstances to the relevant examination boards, why the examination boards were unable to take account of their mitigating circumstances or why your school/college were unable to account for this in their assessments of your work.
  • Include evidence, including medical evidence where applicable.

Submitting mitigating circumstances does not guarantee that the University will accept you if you do not meet the conditions of your offer. Academic achievement and the ability to successfully complete the course are always the primary considerations when deciding whether we’re able to accept you if you haven’t met your offer conditions.

Continued support while you study

If your mitigating circumstances are a result of a long-term health issue or disability, the University offers support and guidance to students and applicants through our Disability Support Service.