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Submitting Your Documents

With the exception of the Fee Status Assessment Form, all documents should be sent to us using our Applicant Portal.

Applicants and agents: using our Document Upload Portal

We don’t require physical or electronic copies of your documents to be sent by email or post.

To send us copies of your documents please use our UG Applicant Portal


Having trouble uploading your documents?

If you use Internet Explorer 11 and find you’re unable to upload your documents then please try a different search engine, such as the latest versions of Safari, Firefox and Chrome as well as Internet Explorer 10.

Teachers and/or education providers: by email

As a third party, we know you’re unable to upload documents on behalf of applicants as outlined by the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). However, we know there are circumstances when you need to do so with the applicant's permission. These might include:

  • To send us predicted grades missed from the original application
  • To update predicted grades
  • To send a reference if an incorrect one was included in the original application
  • To provide evidence in support of an applicant’s Mitigating Circumstances Form

We’re only able to consider changes to predicted grades and the reference prior to an admissions decision being made and won’t subsequently reconsider an application.

To send us supporting documents:

  • You must be the applicants' Referee, School Counselor, Head of Sixth Form, or a member of the School/College leadership team.
  • Use an official education provider email account where possible.

Email us at

Include the applicant’s:

  • UCAS Personal ID
  • First name
  • Family/last name
  • Durham course code

This email address must only be used for submitting documents. If you have any other questions for us about an application or admissions at Durham, please Ask Us.