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Talking Ukraine with Dr Markian Prokopovych

We continue to be deeply concerned and saddened by the war taking place in Ukraine. We are an international university, committed to social responsibility and democratic values. As we mark the one-year anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Dr Markian Prokopovych, Associate Professor at our History Department, discusses a series of topical webinars, and the global significance Ukraine has become.
Ukraine flag and Dr Markian Prokopovych

Ukraine war: lessons from the Blitz suggest Russia’s targeting of cities could backfire

Professor Tim Luckhurst, Principal of South College, discusses how lessons from the Blitz suggest that Russia's targeting of cities in Ukraine may backfire.
Image showing damage to buildings in the city of Odessa, Ukraine

Twinning scheme to support Ukrainian students and scholars

We have all been deeply concerned and affected by the war taking place in Ukraine. We are an international university, committed to social responsibility and democratic values.
A collective of Durham University members and Zaporizhzhia National University members on a Zoom call

Durham hosts international meeting on protecting cultural heritage

Experts from around the world met in Durham to discuss how to protect cultural heritage at risk of destruction from human and natural disasters.
University College (Durham Castle)

History Now! event

Dr Markian Prokopovych (Associate Professor in Modern European Cultural History) gave a talk on 'Understanding Ukraine: Entanglements and Conflict in the History of East European "Bloodlands"'
Understanding Ukraine History Now! event

Ukraine invasion: Putin’s conflict is showcasing a new age for war reporting

Professor Tim Luckhurst, Principal of South College, believes that modern 21st-century war correspondents have an advantage over their predecessors as whether for radio, television, web or print, they can file instantly via satellite internet as their words and pictures are not subject to direct censorship.
Person Holding Canon Dslr Camera Close-up Photo

Ukraine: aid workers were forced out of Syria – the same thing could happen in this war

Dr William Plowright, from our School of Government and International Affairs, addresses the possible threat to humanitarian aid workers in the Russia-Ukraine war and the effect this would have to civilians on the ground.
Aerial of female medic with first aid equipment on floor

How a makeshift PoW chapel from WWII continues to connect Ukrainians and Britons

PhD student, Daniel Adamson, from our Department of History, discusses the history of a chapel in Scotland created by Ukrainian prisoners of war and how this ties in with current events.
Hallmuir Scotland Ukrainian Chapel

Ukraine war: death of a ‘fixer’ underlines the dangers of this unsung but vital job for journalism

Professor Tim Luckhurst, Principal of South College, emphasises the importance of a 'fixer' to broadcasters covering foreign conflicts for international news organisations.
After the explosion in Kyiv Ukraine 2022

Students Perform Ukrainian National Anthem in Durham Cathedral

Our students showed their solidarity with the people of Ukraine with a special rendition of the country’s national anthem sung in Durham Cathedral.
Choir singing in Durham Cathedral