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War in Ukraine 

Full Statement

Updated 27 April 2022

The war in Ukraine continues to be of immense concern. We are an international University with a deep commitment to social responsibility and democratic values. We strongly condemn any acts of aggression and specifically the attack on Ukraine being carried out by the Russian government and armed forces. Our thoughts are with all Ukrainian citizens and colleagues, especially those who have lost loved ones in this humanitarian disaster.  

As an inclusive community, we have come together to respond to need in a number of ways, from student-led vigils and fund-raising activities through to the deployment of relevant academic expertise and the provision of institutional humanitarian support.   

The safety and wellbeing of our staff and students is paramount, and we are committed to supporting all staff and students who are impacted by this worsening situation. We have ensured that our current students affected by the conflict have access to the support that they need, and we are developing ways of helping those whose education may have been disrupted by this and other conflict situations. Our International Office and School of Modern Languages and Cultures (MLAC) are discussing considerations for students expected to be visiting affected and neighbouring countries next academic year 2022/23. 

Our work with the Council for At-Risk Academics (CARA) fellowships continues and we have taken the decision to commit to funding for additional fellowships on an ongoing basis, taking the number of CARA fellowships we offer to six per annum. 

We continue to work closely with our local authority Durham County Council. We have joined their Humanitarian Steering Group. We are working to provide interpreting, translation and other linguistic support in Ukrainian, Polish and Russian. Along with DCC and the UK Government’s Department for Work and Pensions, we are exploring the possibility of offering individuals from conflict-affected countries opportunities to apply for employment with us. 

We have registered interest in the University being a sponsor for the Government’s ‘Homes for Ukraine’ scheme, providing accommodation for those who have been displaced, for an agreed period. We have identified accommodation that could be repurposed. Our application will be taken forward in consultation with the local authority.   

In line with the UK Government, our major funders and the higher education sector more generally, we have reviewed our research collaborations with institutions and other entities in Russia and Belarus.  Durham University is suspending all bilateral research collaborations with organisations in these countries. No new research collaborations with Russia or Belarus will be initiated while Russia continues its aggression against Ukraine.  

We express our support and respect to all those affected by this war, both within our University community and beyond, regardless of nationality.