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Bonobos make “baby-like” signals to seek consolation from others

Pioneering academics from our top-rated Psychology Department have found in their study that bonobos produce a variety of signals including “baby-like” signals to strategically display distress when they are attacked by other bonobos.

27% of European companies are actively using HR analytics for performance management

Keen to understand why firms make use of the opportunities HR analytics can offer, new research conducted by Barbara Bechter, Associate Professor in Human Resource Management, and Bernd Brandl, Professor in Management, alongside Alex Lehr, Radboud University, has found that 27% of European companies are actively using HR analytics for performance management.
Person using macbook pro statistics graphs

Need help tackling your procrastination? This could be the book for you!

Professor Fuschia Sirois, a globally renowned expert in the psychology of procrastination in our Department of Psychology, has distilled her game-changing insights into a new book to help procrastinators understand the issue, and how to tackle it.
Image of alarm clock with notes about delaying tasks

Scientists envisage climate change will severely impact bird communities by 2080

Leading ecologists from our Department of Biosciences and Senckenberg Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre in Germany have predicted in their latest research that bird communities will change worldwide in 2080 due to climate change, largely as result of shifting their ranges.
Phylogenetic diversity bird

Global Opportunities: Funding Boost for Durham

Thanks to a boost in funding from the UK government’s Turing Scheme, more than 400 of our students will get the life-changing opportunity of working or volunteering abroad in the coming academic year – with around 50 destination countries worldwide to pick from. The programme, which funds international mobility as a means of ‘levelling up’, is helping students of all income groups experience education opportunities in any country they choose.
Group of students during their Turing funded opportunity

Scientists reveal how mysterious submarine landslides are developed

One of our engineering experts is part of a team that’s discovered for the first time that catastrophic growth of a slip surface along a weak layer could lead to very large submarine landslides.
Submarine slides

Impact of climate change on abandoned prehistoric city

Last week, the UK experienced the hottest day in recorded history.

£2bn cost of mental ill health ‘parallel pandemic’

We’ve contributed to a report which shows that the negative effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on mental health was largest and most prolonged in the North of England.
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Professor Edith Hall and Professor Andy Wood named new British Academy Fellows

We are delighted that Professor Edith Hall from our Department of Classics and Ancient History and Professor Andy Wood from Department of History have become new Fellows of The British Academy.
British academy fellows 2022

Scientists discover world’s longest underwater avalanche after rescue of lost data

We’ve discovered the world’s longest underwater avalanche – after recovering lost data swept away by the dramatic event.
A sensor is lowered from a boat into the ocean

Highest ever temperature recorded in Durham

Durham has recorded its highest ever maximum temperature of 36.9°C.
A view of Durham Cathedral and Castle on a sunny day

A summer of opportunities

Professor Karen O'Brien, our Vice-Chancellor, explores some of the opportunities on offer at the University this summer.
Professor Karen O'Brien, Vice-Chancellor and Warden of Durham University, stood smiling with arms folded, in front of bookshelves