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University student
I love the fact that Durham City is small enough for me to walk wherever I need. It's a gorgeous place to live and the scenery never fails to brighten my day.

Maroshini Krishna Morgan
Law student

Meet us Online/Abroad 



China  There are currently no events planned 


East Asia (Excluding China)


There are currently no events planned.

You can also book a time to speak with Eleanor directly via the booking form.    

Eleanor Garrick (Regional Manager):  



UK  Virtual  3rd March 2022  Bellerby's College Fair 

Lauren Scarratt (International Officer):  

Poland Virtual (Webinar) 8th March 2022 Akademia School Fair
Global Virtual 11th March 2022 ISP Fair
Germany Virtual 16th March 2022 AGIS German Schools Fair
UK Virtual 23rd March 2022 BSA Fair
Spain Virtual 24th March 2022 Novva Spanish Schools Fair


Latin America

Mexico  Mexico City  18th - 22nd February 2022 

Agent visits

Student appointments

BMI Fair (19th-20th February) 

School visits

Ana-Maria Costea (International Officer):  


Monterrey 24th February 2022 BMI Fair
Colombia Bogota 26th February - 2nd March 2022

Colombia International Schools Forum and Workshop

School visits

Student appointments

Agent visits

Partner visits

 You can also book a time to speak with Ana-Maria directly via the booking form.

Jessa Collings (Regional Manager): 


Middle East & Africa

Kenya  Nairobi  2nd - 3rd March 2022 

St Andrews College Fair

Agent training

Student interviews

Applicant meetings 

Dr Liadi Mudashiru (Senior Regional Manager):  



4th March 2022

Nairobi Schools Fair

5th March 2022

Nairobi Public Fair

6th March 2022

Agent training

Student interviews

8th - 9th March 2022

School visits

Agent training

Applicant sessions

Mombasa 7th March 2022

Mombasa public event

Middle East and Africa Virtual 9th March 2022

FPP fair-UG focussed (Middle East & Africa) 

Nigeria Virtual 3rd March 2022 SI-UK Abuja
Virtual 5th March 2022 SI-UK Lagos
Sub-Saharan Africa Virtual 17th March 2022 FPP Fair:  Sub-Saharan Africa


North America 

USA     Nashville 2nd March 2022  Best of U Fair Nashville 

Jessa Collings (Regional Manager) & Nathan Lamb (International Officer):  

Atlanta  3rd March 2022 Best of U Fair Atlanta
4th March 2022  School visits 
Miami  7th March 2022  School visits 
7th March 2022 Best of U Fair Miami
Various 8th - 12th March 2022 School visits
Miami 13th March 2022 NACAC Miami
Canada  Virtual  5th March 2022  SI-UK Fair 

 You can also book in a time to speak directly with Nathan or Jessa at any time via our booking form. 


South Asia 

Bangladesh Virtual 5th March 2022 IDP Education Bangladesh


Savi Aggarwal (International Officer) & Iqra Khan (International Officer):  






Virtual 4th March 2022 Fateh Education Pan India
Virtual  23rd March 2022 Krishna Consultant's Virtual UK Education Fairs 
Virtual 23rd March 2022 Krishna Consultants Pan India
Virtual 25th March 2022 Fateh Education Pan India
Sri Lanka    All 9th - 10th March 022 Agent visits
Colombo    11th March 2022 IC3 Regionals Sri Lanka
12th March 2022 IDP Education Sri Lanka
13th March 2022 SI-UK University Fair Sri Lanka

 You can also book a time to speak to Savi or Iqra directly via our booking form.


South East Asia 

Indonesia  Virtual  11th - 12th March 2022  IBEC Fairs 

Jasmine Bual (Regional Manager):   

Malaysia Kuala Lumpur 22nd March 2022 MABECS Festival
27th March 2022 JM Education fair
Singapore All  28th March - 1st April 2022

Agent fairs

School visits 

Student interviews

2nd - 3rd April 2022 Jack Study Abroad Fair
Thailand Virtual 5th March 2022 Brit Education Day
Virtual 11th March 2022

Intake Law Day

Bangkok 11th - 19th March 2022

School visits 

Student interviews

Hands On Fair (12th March)

WIN Education Fair (19th March)


Eleanor Garrick (Regional Manager):