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University student
I love the fact that Durham City is small enough for me to walk wherever I need. It's a gorgeous place to live and the scenery never fails to brighten my day.

Maroshini Krishna Morgan
Law student

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China Team:  


East Asia (Excluding China)

Eleanor Garrick (Regional Manager): 

You can also book a time to speak with Eleanor directly via the booking form. 



Lauren Scarratt (International Officer): 


Latin America

Ana-Maria Costea (International Officer): 

You can also book a time to speak with Ana-Maria directly via the booking form.

Jessa Collings (Regional Manager): 


Middle East & Africa

Dr Liadi Mudashiru (Senior Regional Manager): 


North America 

Jessa Collings (Regional Manager) & Nathan Lamb (International Officer): 

You can also book in a time to speak directly with Nathan or Jessa at any time via our booking form. 


South Asia 

Savi Aggarwal (International Officer) & Iqra Khan (International Officer): 

Bill Hoare (Regional Manager): 

You can also book a time to speak to Savi, Iqra or Bill directly via our booking form.


South East Asia 

Jasmine Bual (Regional Manager):  


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Our International Office staff would be happy to have an online chat with you and answer any queries you have. To arrange a time to speak with our team, please complete the form below. One of our regional managers will then contact you to arrange a call or online chat. 

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