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Self-Guided Tours 

Our brand new app 'Durham University Tours' is available to download in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store now! This will enable you to take self-guided tours around the city and provides a range of tours so that you have multiple options to choose from! 

Our three tours include:

- 'General Audio Tour' showing all of the main university buildings and department buildings

- 'Colleges Audio Tour' showing you the 16 colleges you could be allocated to as an undergraduate student

- 'Essential Practicalities Audio Tour' highlighting the essential practicalities you might need when living in Durham. This includes healthcare, food, travel and where to buy day-to-day essential items. 

Tours have audio descriptions, images and videos as well as lots of information and statistics! The 'General Audio Tour' and 'College Audio Tour' also include walking route videos showing the way that you would walk between stops.

Additionally, within the app there is a list of 'Places to Eat and Drink' where we have compiled 37 of our favourite cafes, restaurants and bars in one place. So if you're undertaking a self-guided tour in Durham be sure to check this out to find out about some amazing places with information for if you wanted to try any out for yourself!

Don't forget to complete the survey at the end of your tour or by clicking on the 'Audio Tours Survey' link in the menu items. We are always working to make sure that what we offer is of the highest standard and love to hear your feedback!

You can also collect more information about Durham, the city and its surrounding area by visiting the official Durham Tourism website, This is Durham.