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1 November 2022 - 23 January 2023

4:00PM - 5:00PM


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Join us for one of our Subject Taster Lectures, where a member of our teaching staff will give you a taste of studying at Durham.

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Join us for an online Subject Taster Lecture (image shows students working together on a laptop)

We're running a series of subject taster lectures for students looking to apply to university - whether that's Durham or elsewhere! - in a range of different subject areas. Lectures are led by academic staff who teach at Durham. Sessions are followed by the opportunity to ask questions on the lecture topic.

So, whether you've studied the subject before or it's something brand new, join us for our taster lectures to explore what it's like studying at university!

 Session Titles and Dates

All sessions take place at 4-5pm.

Date Session Title
01/11/2022 People who use illicit drugs should be punished - Do you agree?
02/11/2022 Earth Sciences, Energy Crises and the Need for Net Zero
08/11/2022 Helium Exploration
09/11/2022 McCarthyism and the 'Lavender Scare' in Cold War America
15/11/2022 The Moon Landings, the Nazis and why we aren't as secular as we think
01/12/2022 Who benefits most from the welfare state? An exploration of social policy and class
01/12/2022 The Destructive Power of Earthquakes
05/12/2022 Why are maps instruments of power?
08/12/2022 AI and AI-Human Interaction Design
23/01/2023 We’re all in it together? Health Inequalities to Covid and Beyond