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Examples of our actions towards SDG 13

We are home to world-leading research including work into addressing climate change. Read on to find out how colleagues are tackling one of the biggest challenges facing our planet, how we are sharing knowledge globally, and how we are educating tomorrow's world changers

Durham University at the Conference of the Parties Centre for Sustainable Development Law and Policy


We’re supporting the Climate Action #MadeAtUni campaign and are proud to announce that we have six new research collaborations with the University of Notre Dame, USA, to help tackle pressing global issues such as climate change and how we can improve the use of solar energy.
Collaborations to tackle climate change
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Wider Student Experience

We are dedicated to developing Durham’s next generation of climate leaders. Through our events, partnerships and projects we connect students to environmental ideas and initiatives. We host talks and panels from experts and run projects with other groups in the community throughout the year!
Explore the Durham University Climate Society
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Living the Values

Durham University start-up, Low Carbon Materials, was recently announced as one of three international finalists in the Fix Our Climate category in the world’s most prestigious environmental prize, The Earthshot Prize 2022. The Fix Our Climate category focuses on reducing carbon levels in the Earth's atmosphere, with the aim of achieving net-zero and combating climate change. Low Carbon Materials continues to be a company to watch as it works to revolutionise the construction industry.
The Earthshot Prize 2022 finalist LCM
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Our researchers found a systematic signal of recent climate change having affected populations of widespread & protected birds across Europe and USA. They showed that projected shifts in tropical species ranges will have profound impacts on their future conservation within protected area networks, recommending that simulations can be used as a guide for conservation actions. The research has also identified species that are vulnerable to climate change and that need help to colonise new areas
Helping species adapt to climate change
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Local and Regional

The Greenspace Movement is the heart of the sustainability agenda at Durham University, bringing together students, staff and external partners, large-scale policies, and small acts under one identity, working to create a sustainable transition to bring our entire community with it. Our work was recognised by the Green Gown Award where we were listed as finalist in the student engagement section for 2022
Greenspace Movement - Together we can make a difference
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