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External Examiners for Taught Degrees

As an external examiner, you will play a vital role in securing the academic standards of the University of Durham.

You will provide judgments on the appropriateness and comparability of the University’s awards, in the context of internal and external reference points. Your feedback will also help the University to enhance its learning, teaching and assessment. Should you require further information, please contact the Curriculum, Learning and Assessment Service.
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External Examiners for Taught Degrees

These pages have been designed as an online briefing for external examiners. They outline your role and responsibilities and provide answers to some frequently asked questions. They also contain links to further guidance and to relevant forms, regulations and procedures.

The material contained here is based on more detailed guidance available through the Handbook for External Examiners 2021-22, which you should also consult. You will also be provided with further written documentation to assist you in carrying out your duties and, if new to examining at Durham, a briefing in the appropriate school or department.


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Information about External Examiners for Taught Degrees

Role and Responsibilities

This page provides brief answers to frequently asked questions about the role and responsibilities of external examiners.
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Annual Report

At the end of their term of office, external examiners are also asked to complete a final overview report.
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How to get to the University

Information on how to get to Durham University, including by car, taxi, train and foot, as well as a link to the campus map.
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Further Information

Additional guidance relevant to the process, including procedures, regulations and external reference points.
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Where to find us:

The Palatine Centre
Durham University
Stockton Road