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Durham University Inclusion Calendar 2024

Inclusion calendar 2024 cover


Our Inclusion calendar features key dates from various faiths, along with other awareness dates and observances commemorated here in the UK. In an increasingly global university community, this calendar is an essential tool for raising awareness of these important dates and events, and their potential impact on work or study. Staff and students can also use this calendar to bookmark dates/festivals to promote, get involved with or create an event. 

Please note that the dates featured are not intended to be a prescriptive list. We welcome suggestions of other significant dates which we can consider for next year’s calendar, please email Additionally, it should be noted that some dates for religious festivals are estimates and may vary due to the lunar cycle and international variations.

Outlook Inclusion Calendar 

The University's Inclusion Calendar is also available as an Outlook calendar. This works with all versions of Outlook. Should you need assistance in relation to this, please contact us through 

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