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Our People


Jo McBride
Professor of Work and Employment Relations

Peter Hamilton
Associate Professor in Human Resource Management


Roberta Aguzzoli
Associate Professor in Management

Barbara Bechter
Associate Professor in HR Management

Onno Bouwmeester
Professor of Consulting and Business Ethics

Bernd Brandl
Professor in Management

Jamie Callahan
Professor of Organization & Ethics

Benedetta Cappellini
Professor in Marketing

Ladan Cockshut
Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Mercy Denedo
Assistant Professor in Accounting

Nick Ellis
Emeritus Professor of Marketing Management

Shuo Feng
PhD Student

Laurence Ferry
Professor in Accounting

Jackie Ford
Professor of Leadership and Organisation Studies

Helen Goworek
Associate Professor in Marketing (Strategy)

Mariann Hardey
Associate Professor in Marketing, Directorate for Advanced Research in Computing (ARC) Institute

Maria Kakarika
Associate Professor of Organizational Behaviour & Leadership

Gretchen Larsen
Professor in Marketing

Frank Mueller
Professor in Accountability, Organisations & Strategy

Martyna Śliwa
Professor of Business Ethics & Organisation Studies

Catherine Spellman
Assistant Professor in Human Resources Management

Anna Tilba
Associate Professor in Management and Marketing

Aarron Toal-Atkinson
Teaching Fellow in Marketing & Entrepreneurship