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College Life

Grey College is formed from three bodies of members, the Junior, Middle and Senior Common Rooms.

Each Common Room is an organisation providing support, events and community for a specific group of College members. They are all different in flavour and allow for as much or as little engagement as you wish. Members of the College do not have to join a Common room, but there are many benefits to doing so and it is worth discussing it with Common Room members before you decide not to, particularly if cost is the issue as there will be ways to help.
Explore Our Junior Common Room
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At the centre of life at Grey College is our Junior Common Room (JCR). Grey JCR is one of a number of College JCRs to be run independently from the University; it is a student-run charity that offers great leadership opportunities as well as creating an excellent events’ calendar. Our JCR runs Grey’s sports and societies, whilst pushing the boundaries for student involvement; our teams cater for everything from football to ultimate frisbee, whilst societies range from fireworks to Disney!

One feature of note is Grey’s artistic provision. If you are into media, photography, drama, drawing, painting, poetry, music, dance, films; if you like visiting art galleries or exhibitions, attending plays or concerts; if you wish to direct a play, design a poster, run a campaign or borrow a musical instrument, then Grey is a place for you. And there is so much more.

Sport plays an especially large role in the life of our College. Grey has teams across the full range of college sports, and it is growing every year; the depth of provision is immense with six men's football teams, six netball teams and five badminton teams to name just a few. The College is proud of the frequent success their teams enjoy in the sporting arena, with recent league successes for women’s hockey, men’s cricket, ultimate frisbee and mixed lacrosse. This makes the College lively and energetic throughout the whole year no matter what your sporting ability. Whether you’re the next big football star playing for the A team in the College Premiership, or just want to have fun on an evening playing squash with your friends - whatever your talents and motivations, Grey will have an outlet for you.

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Information for current students

If you are a current member of our Grey College community, use the link below to log in for updated information.

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