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About DUEG

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Durham University Esports and Gaming is the epicentre of competitive and casual video games here at Durham. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran, or just starting playing something recently, everyone is welcome and encouraged to get involved with the supportive and passionate community.

DUEG compete in both the NUEL and NSE tournaments, showing true grit and placing within the top 10 of the nation, year on year. The Senate are elected members of the society who oversee the running of the competitive and casual side of games - this includes team building and organising socials, amongst other things. If you ever want to drop a question about a certain game, they’re your go-to person.

As well as game-specific socials, we also host our own society-wide events which we encourage all to get involved with. Now that COVID restrictions are easing, we look forward to seeing everyone in person soon!

We recommend you join our Discord, where most of our major updates, events and tournaments are run and you can speak to the Exec or Senate directly.




With plans for a dedicated esports space in the works, DUEG aim to support those who don't have the facilities to play at their term time residence. To this end, the following is available for loan upon becoming a full member of the DUEG community:

  • 20 x Lenovo Legion laptops with accompanying peripherals (Headsets, mice and mice mats)

We also have the ability to support live streaming with our mobile audio visual streaming support kit. This comprises of:

  • Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro
  • 2 x Shure SM7B
  • 2 x DataVideo 4K PTZ cameras with control deck
  • 2 x Magewell HDMI+ Capture Cards
  • As well as all the associated cabling and mic/camera stands
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DUEG Coaching Initiative

As well as the professional partnership that we have with Metafy, there is a also an in-house coaching scheme at Durham that allows students to collect volunteering hours that are officially recognised by the University, whilst running coaching sessions that are open to any student at any skill level.

Students can register with DUSVO (Durham University Student Volunteering and Outreach) to manage and log their volunteering hours with their peers. These hours can then be used to collect certifications issued by the University in recognition of their efforts. 

A massive part of esports is the opportunity to develop soft skills - Students learn to cooperate within their respective teams and take on an assortment of roles depending on the type of game played. Coaching allows them to pass on the knowledge and skills obtained through esports and also enhance their leadership, speaking and technical expertise skills.


We also have merch!

What kind of esports team would we be if we didn't have merchandise?!

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