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About the Degree

Our programme enables you to choose modules from two, three or even four subjects, enabling you to develop your expertise or to explore new interests.

We provide a flexible, multidisciplinary framework with the opportunity to spend a year abroad or on a work placement, preparing you for your career ambitions.
Undergraduate study
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What is Combined Honours in Social Sciences?

Combined Honours in Social Sciences allows you to create your own bespoke programme suited to your individual interests, strengths and career plans. You can choose to study up to 4 subjects within Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities.

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Which subjects can I choose?

As a Combined Social Sciences student, you will be focusing on subjects in the Social Sciences, but you can also take up to half of your degree in subjects in the Arts and Humanities.

Subjects within the programme

Can I take some subjects in Social Sciences, but focus mainly on another area?

If you're looking to focus on subjects in the Arts and Humanities with the option to also study some subjects in the Social Sciences, you will need to apply for the Liberal Arts degree (LA01).

If you'd like to focus on Science subjects, but also study a Social Sciences subject, you will need to apply for the Natural Sciences degree (CFG0/FGC0).

Please note it is not possible to study Business and Economics alone or Politics and International Relations alone. For these combinations you would need to look at courses offered by the Business School or School of Government and International Affairs, respectively. You can however study them in combination with another subject(s).

Which modules can I choose?

Your choice of modules is subject to availability, timetable constraints, and the approval of the Director of Combined Honours in Social Sciences. You'll also need to meet subject-specific entry requirements to study some subjects and associated modules.

What might my CHSS programme look like?

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