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Administrative and secretarial staff

Mrs Elaine Denby Operations Administrator 
Mrs Pauline Harrison Project Assistant, Hearing the Voice
Mrs Deborah Hobbs Department Manager
Mrs Kathleen Jackson Learning & Teaching Administrator Contact Kathleen Jackson
Mrs Rachel Middleton Project Coordinator, Hearing the Voice
Dr Victoria Patton Communications, Impact and Engagement Lead, Hearing the Voice
Miss Sophie Phillips Learning & Teaching Administrator Contact Sophie Phillips
Miss Emma Pollock Learning & Teaching Administrator Contact Emma Pollock
Ms Joanne Spence Learning & Teaching Manager Contact Joanne Spence
Mrs Stephanie Taylor Learning & Teaching Administrator Contact Stephanie Taylor


Teaching staff

Prof Elizabeth Archibald Professor (p/t)
Dr David Ashurst Associate Professor
Dr Michael Baker Teaching Fellow
Dr Paul Batchelor Associate Professor
Dr Marco Bernini Assistant Professor in Cognitive Literary Studies
Dr Naomi Booth Assistant Professor
Dr Marc Botha Assistant Professor
Dr Venetia Bridges Assistant Professor
Dr Vladimir Brljak Assistant Professor
Dr Alistair Brown Teaching Fellow
Professor Neil Cartlidge Professor Contact Neil Cartlidge
Dr Robert Carver Associate Professor
Dr Mark Chambers Teaching Fellow Contact Mark Chambers
Dr Helen Charman Teaching Fellow Contact Helen Charman
Mr Kayombo Chingonyi Assistant Professor Contact Kayombo Chingonyi
Professor Timothy Clark Professor (Emeritus)
Dr Julie Crane Assistant Professor (Teaching)
Dr Martin Dubois Associate Professor
Dr Louisa Egbunike Associate Professor in African/Caribbean Literature Contact Louisa Egbunike
Professor David Fuller Professor (Emeritus)
Dr Peter Garratt Associate Professor
Dr Abbie Garrington Associate Professor
Dr Daniel Grausam Associate Professor
Dr Patrick Gray Associate Professor
Dr Mandy Green Associate Professor
Dr Simon Grimble Associate Professor
Professor Jason Harding Professor Contact Jason Harding
Professor Claire Harman Professor in Creative Writing Contact Claire Harman
Dr Daniel Hartley Assistant Professor
Dr Michael Huxtable Assistant Professor in Medieval Literature
Professor Simon James Professor
Dr Roisin Laing Leverhulme Early Career Fellow Contact Roisin Laing
Prof David Lawton Professor of English Contact David Lawton
Dr Philippe Lynes Lecturer in Modern and Contemporary Literature and Theory Contact Philippe Lynes
Professor Jane Macnaughton Research Associate
Dr Noreen Masud Leverhulme Early Career Fellow
Professor John McKinnell Emeritus Professor
Dr Maryam Mirza Assistant Professor
Dr Katie Muth Teaching Fellow Contact Katie Muth
Professor John Nash Chair of Board of Studies
Professor John Nash Professor
Dr Helen O'Connell Associate Professor helen.o'
Dr Joshua Pugh Assistant Professor Contact Joshua Pugh
Professor Barbara Ravelhofer Professor Contact Barbara Ravelhofer
Professor Stephen Regan Professor (Emeritus)
Professor Alastair Renfrew Professor of English and Comparative Literature
Dr Fraser Riddell Lecturer
Dr Peter Riley Associate Professor in Poetry and Poetics Contact Peter Riley
Dr Sam Riviere Assistant Professor
Professor Fiona Robertson Professor of Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Literature
Dr James Robinson Assistant Professor (Teaching)
Dr Emily Rohrbach Assistant Professor in English Literature 1660-1832
Mr Sunjeev Sahota Assistant Professor  
Professor Mark Sandy Professor
Professor Corinne Saunders Professor
Dr Barry Sheils Associate Professor
Dr Emma Short Lecturer in Modern and Contemporary Literature
Dr Gillian Skinner Associate Professor
Dr Thomas Spray Teaching Fellow
Professor James Smith Professor
Dr Elizabeth Swann Assistant Professor
Dr Jennifer Terry Associate Professor
Dr Samuel Thomas Associate Professor
Dr Susan Valladares Assistant Professor Contact Susan Valladares
Dr Christopher Vardy Teaching Fellow Contact Christopher Vardy
Professor Claire Warwick Professor
Professor Patricia Waugh Professor
Dr Angela Woods Associate Professor of Medical Humanities
Dr Guy Woodward Post Doctoral Research Associate Contact Guy Woodward
Professor Sarah Wootton Professor


Associated staff

Dr Alexander Abichou Honorary Fellow Contact Alexander Abichou
Dr Kostas Boyiopoulos Honorary Fellow Contact Kostas Boyiopoulos
Dr Daniel Derrin Honorary Fellow
Dr Nicole Garrod-Bush Honorary Fellow Contact Nicole Garrod-Bush
Dr Natalie Goodison Honorary Fellow Contact Natalie Goodison
Dr Koren Kuntz Honorary Fellow Contact Koren Kuntz
Dr Sarah Lohmann Honorary Fellow
Dr Laura Mckenzie Honorary Fellow Contact Laura Mckenzie
Dr Hilary Powell Honorary Fellow Contact Hilary Powell
Dr Paige Tovey Honorary Fellow Contact Paige Tovey
Dr Douglass Virdee Honorary Fellow Contact Douglass Virdee
Dr Diana Wyatt Honorary Fellow

Contact Diana Wyatt


Current research students

Miss Aalia Ahmed Contact Aalia Ahmed
Miss Sabrina Ahmed-Qureshi Contact Sabrina Ahmed-Qureshi
Mr Josh Allsop
Mr Conrad Aquilina Contact Conrad Aquilina
Miss Bryony Armstrong Contact Bryony Armstrong
Mr Laurie Atkinson Contact Laurie Atkinson
Ms Samantha Belcher Contact Samantha Belcher
Ms Helen Clifford Contact Helen Clifford
Mr Paul Cockburn Contact Paul Cockburn
Miss Anum Dada Contact Anum Dada
Miss Laura Day
Miss Hope Doherty
Ms Suzannah V. Evans Contact Suzannah V. Evans
Miss Rachel Fennell Contact Rachel Fennell
Ms Katie Harling-Lee Contact Katie Harling-Lee
Miss Elizabeth Hoyt Contact Elizabeth Hoyt
Miss Botsa Katara Contact Botsa Katara
Miss Yimon Lo
Miss Beatriz Lopez Contact Beatriz Lopez
Mr Soumyaroop Majumdar Contact Soumyaroop Majumdar
Mr Daniel Norman Contact Daniel Norman
Mr Solie Osman Contact Solie Osman
Miss Gailann Riven Peake Contact Gailann Riven Peake
Mr Jake Phipps Contact Jake Phipps
Miss Hannah Piercy Contact Hannah Piercy
Dr Natalie Riley Contact Natalie Riley
Miss Lucia Scigliano-suarez Contact Lucia Scigliano-suarez
Miss Duygu Senocak Contact Duygu Senocak
Miss Yuanxing Tan Contact Yuanxing Tan
Ind. Olly Teregulova Contact Olly Teregulova
Miss Nadia Terki Contact Nadia Terki
Mr Alexander Wilson

Contact Alexander Wilson


Recent research students

Dr Jack Baker Contact Jack Baker
Dr Lara Ehrenfried
Dr John Foxwell Contact John Foxwell
Dr Richard Moss Contact Richard Moss
Dr Alice Stamataki Contact Alice Stamataki
Dr Rebecca White
Dr Agata Wozniak Contact Agata Wozniak
Dr Mengmeng Yan Contact Mengmeng Yan