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Taught MA Courses in Literary Studies

We offer a Taught MA in English Literary Studies with a wide variety of modules, which can be moulded to fit various formal pathways. This gives you the freedom to specialise, or to study broadly.

By undertaking one of our MA courses, you'll be studying with acknowledged experts in the subject, and will write a dissertation or carry out a research or Creative Writing project on the subject of your choice. Durham is one of the best English Departments in the country, offering the opportunity to study at the highest level in a supportive environment.

University student
After I arrived in Durham, it was quite daunting to move from the light-hearted welcoming week at my college to the serious, academic environment of the English department. As it turned out, I had no reason to worry at all - the staff were very friendly and welcoming, as were the students. Most of us were new to Durham, and a large portion of the group is international as well.

Ida Marie Halvorsen
Former MA student

MA Pathways

Choose from one of the following literary studies pathways:

Find out more about what it's like to study on one of our pathways in a blog from our former MA (and now PhD) student, Lydia Shaw.

Other MA Programmes

Other opportunities beyond our literary studies MA programmes include:

Creative Writing MA

Taught by award-winning creative writers on an academically rigorous programme.
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Interdisciplinary MAs

We contribute to interdisciplinary MA programmes in Medical Humanities, Medieval and Early Modern Studies, the Digital Humanities, and Environmental Humanities.
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