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Centre for Extragalactic Astronomy

The CEA leads observational studies of the formation and evolution of galaxies and massive black holes, and the growth of large scale structure across the whole history of the Universe. These studies exploit data from the largest ground and space-based telescopes and wide-field surveys of galaxies and Quasars to understand how the Universe we see today came into being.

We are all incredibly excited about working in the new Ogden Centre building. For the first time in over a decade all of the astronomy researchers working in Durham have a home in a single building. We hope to exploit this to develop the synergies between our world-class observational, theoretical and instrumentation to cement Durham's place as a global leader in extragalactic astronomy and cosmology.

Professor Ian Smail
Director, Centre for Extragalactic Astronomy


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The Centre for Extragalactic Astronomy’s core mission is to extend society’s knowledge and understanding of the Universe we inhabit.
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