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What happens to my application?

  • Your University on-line application is received and uploaded by the University Banner system.
  • After approximately 24 hours the Physics Postgraduate Administrators can view online applications and download the attached documents.
  • Your application will be checked to ensure that you meet the minimum requirements and that your application is complete. If not, you will be emailed and asked to supply any outstanding documents.
  • You will receive an acknowledgement via email that your application has been received by the Department of Physics.
  • Once your application is complete and two suitable academic references have been contacted for a reference your application will be sent to the appropriate members of academic staff within the Department for further assessment.
  • If your references are satisfactory and there is a relevant supervisor / project available that meets your research interests you may be contacted by the Department to discuss any potential project further. You will intially be contacted by email and may be invited to attend an interview if appropriate.
  • When a decision has been made whether to make you an offer you will be informed of this decision by email by the Physics Department.
  • You will then receive an official offer letter from the University. Please note that funding commitments are not included in offer letters. If appropriate a seperate award letter will be issued.
  • Please ensure you can check your email regularly so that we can maintain contact with you throughout the application process and please quote the student number provided in the acknowledgement email from the Department in any subseqeuent correspondance.