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We’ve made it to the end of Epiphany Term! We know that Year 3s will be working furiously on their dissertations, and everyone will be revising for exams soon, but take a minute to congratulate yourself on all that you’ve accomplished during this unique academic year.


  • Friendly reminder that the National Student Survey is now open for all Year 3 students!
  • Incredible to see so much coverage of Prof Lynda Boothroyd’s research on how ultra-thin dolls may influence girls' perceptions of their ideal body size (see image from her Sky News appearance below!)
  • Also very cool to see Dr Dorothy Cowie on the TV Programme "Operation Ouch!" this week discussing how children learn to walk. Great to see so much public interest in psychology research!

Photo of the week

Prof Lynda Boothroyd appearing on Sky News

Prof Lynda Boothroyd being interviewed on Sky News

Student Voices

With a new cohort of psychology students set to join the department in autumn, we reached out to a few current Year 3 students to ask them about their favourite experiences at Durham.

"I've loved how engaging the course has been; from small, entirely tutorial based modules in second year to interactive activities in lectures. It’s made learning the content and attending lectures enjoyable" – Mai Doan, Psychology Year 3 Undergraduate

"As an international student, Durham was a really welcoming community that made my integration so much more simple." – Melisa Yilmaz, Psychology Year 3 Undergraduate

"I found that the psychology placement year director was super engaging and supportive, and I am really grateful that she spent time helping me decide what was right for me. Now that I am on my placement year, I feel connected to the psychology department, and I'm looking forward to returning to Durham next year!" – Kyle Kelleher, Psychology Year 3 Undergraduate

"When I close my eyes, I see... Dazzling lectures by funny and interesting experts, mind-blowing Friday seminars, stats memes, crawling up Cardiac Hill in autumn (sliding down it in winter!). Not even mentioned college, societies, or social life!!" – Tom Gourley , Psychology Year 3 Undergraduate

News and Opportunities

  • Check out this great article in The Conversation talking about brand new research from Dr Paddy Ross. The research shows evidence of emotional auditory dominance in children, and several Durham Psychology students are included as coauthors! You can read the paper here!
  • The department’s Psychologists for Environmental Action group (@PEAs_Durham) hosted their first guest lecture this week, and it was a huge success! Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Interesting new research out from Dr Niklas Ihssen and PhD student Mike Wadsley, who looked at the idea of addiction to social networking sites. The research involved data collected from several undergraduate projects!
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