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Clinician Portal

As part of the DREX training, we have also created a free web service for clinicians which can be found here By registering with this service you can refer service users to the DREX training and monitor their progress and improvement. When you sign up to the clinician portal, you will be granted a Clinician I.D. which can be found on the top right of the screen after registering. When referring a service user, this Clinician I.D. can be typed into the patient's app in the settings menu. After this has been completed this app users details will be linked to your clinician account and you can monitor their progress and even select the number of trials that can be completed in a single block after liaising with the service user.

Click the link below to download a PDF guide to accessing the clinician portal

DREX Clinician Portal User Guide (PDF download)

Or click the link below to access the portal directly


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