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The Extinction and Survival of Religious Belief in a Science Dominated World

Reverend Professor David Wilkinson from our Department of Theology and Religion and Principal of St John’s College recently gave a lecture discussing the interplay between religious belief and science, as part of our Global Lecture Series. Here he gives us an insight into this debate and how the two are not necessarily mutually exclusive.
Collage showing Rev Professor David Wilkinson, an astronomy image and an image of a stained glass window

From Constantine to Covid: A Durham Theology graduate shares his experiences

Dan Northam Jones now works as Director of Strategy at Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and is a Visiting Fellow at the University’s Engineering Department. He studied Theology and Religion at Durham, where he focused on the Old Testament and Study of Religion. He also completed a Harkness Fellowship at the health policy research department at Harvard Medical School, looking at how parts of the ‘Obamacare’ reforms were being implemented and what the NHS could learn.
Daniel Northam Jones

The Undercover Elf

Lucinda Murphy, a PhD student in the Department of Theology and Religion, tells us about her research in which she has explored Christmas magic in all its varieties.
Working as an elf in Santa's grotto

Understanding Moral Injury

As we launch the International Centre for Moral Injury (ICMI), we talk to Revd Dr Brian Powers, former US Air Force Special Operations Weather Team officer, a veteran of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, about his research and how understanding Moral Injury can help people heal.
A lit white candle against a dark blue background

How Brazilian politicians use religion to help them win

Professor Mathew Guest, from our Department of Theology and Religion, looks ahead to this autumn's Presidential Election in Brazil and considers how candidates court religious support.
Christ the Redeemer statue, Brazil