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Funding Opportunities

Postdoctoral funding

The Department is very pleased to support applications to post-doctoral funding competitions from candidates working on topics relating to its wide range of research interests. Applicants wishing to apply for an Early Career Fellowship through the Department will receive assistance in the form of feedback on individual draft applications, especially the project proposal. The key schemes are:

The British Academy (BA) Postdoctoral Fellowships provide opportunities for early career researchers to strengthen their experience of research and teaching in a university environment with the aim improving their prospects of obtaining permanent lecturing posts by the end of the Fellowship. Suitable subjects for the Fellowship include any field of study within the humanities or social sciences, with the emphasis chiefly on completion of a substantial piece of publishable research. This will be assisted by full membership of an academic community of established scholars working in similar fields. Fellows will be expected to identify and develop lines of original enquiry in their subject, and to gain some experience of teaching. The 2021-2022 Fellowship is tenable for three years.

 The following eligibility criteria apply:

  • Applicants must secure the support of the UK host institution at which the fellowship will be undertaken.
  • Applications must be made within three years of the award of a doctorate. Allowances will be made for extenuating circumstances.
  • Applicants must be UK or EEA (European Economic Area) nationals, or have completed a doctorate, or equivalent, at a UK university. Applicants who do meet one of these criteria, but who can demonstrate a strong prior association with the UK academic community (e.g. through having been employed for longer than twelve months at a UK university) may also apply.

 For the 2021-22 round only, BA have extended the eligibility period considering the difficulties faced by researchers as a result of the pandemic. If applicants have completed their viva voce between November 2018 and April 2022, they will be eligible to apply to this round.

  • Leverhulme Early Career Fellowships (funder deadline typically March). Open to those with a degree from a UK university or holding an academic position at the time of application. Applicants must be within five years of the award of a PhD and have submitted their PhD at the time of application
  • Newton International (funder deadline typically April). Open to applicants working outside the UK and not holding UK citizenship at the time of application. Applicants should have completed their PhD by the time of the start date of the Fellowship

Please note that all post-doctoral applications are subject to an initial round of selection procedures within the University. Applications to all schemes are subject to internal review in the Department and Faculty level. If you are interested in applying for a post-doctoral fellowship with the Department on Theology and Religion, please contact Andrew Moss, Senior Research Administrator: