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The Centre for Language and Writing Systems (CLAWS) was founded in 2022 as an interdisciplinary centre to foster research on Indo-European linguistics, languages and culture, alongside prehistoric and historical non-alphabetic scripts ranging from the Indian peninsula to the Near East as well as Western Europe. The centre’s vision extends beyond traditional conceptions of language study by looking at languages and scripts side by side. Our research interests include: Sanskrit and related Indian scripts, Linear B (early Greek), proto-Italic languages, Greek and Latin, Syriac and other early Semitic languages, and non-IE ancient languages such as Etruscan. We embrace a range of historical, philological and linguistic approaches to the study of early IE languages and cultures. We are in the process of developing an MA programme which will aim to offer postgraduate students the opportunity to learn a range of ancient languages as well as to develop competence in historical linguistics.

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Enquiries about CLAWS should be sent to Dr Nathan Gilbert and Dr George Gazis.

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