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Centre Publications 

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Selected Recent CCE Publications 

Baldwin, Andrew, and Bruce Erickson. 2020. 'Introduction: Whiteness, coloniality, and the Anthropocene', Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, 38: 3-11.

Baldwin, Andrew, Christiane Fröhlich, and Delf Rothe. 2019. 'From climate migration to anthropocene mobilities: shifting the debate', Mobilities, 14: 289-97.

Botha, Marc. 2015. 'The poetics of remoteness.' in Cordula Lemke and Jennifer Wawrzinek (eds.), Weeds and viruses : ecopolitics and the demands of theory (Wissenschaflicher Verlag Trier).

Campbell, Chris, Michael Niblett, and Kerstin Oloff (eds.). 2021. Literary and Cultural Production, World-Ecology, and the Global Food System (Palgrave Macmillan).

Campbell, Laura Chuhan. Forthcoming. 'Human Interactions with the Medieval and Early Modern Natural World', Neophilogous, Springer.

Deckard, Sharae, and Kerstin Oloff. 2020. 'The One Who Comes from the Sea’: Marine Crisis and the New Oceanic Weird in Rita Indiana’s La mucama de Omicunlé (2015)', Humanities (Basel), 9: 86.

Hartley, Daniel. 2016. 'Anthropocene, Capitalocene and the Problem of Culture.' in Jason W. Moore (ed.), Anthropocene or capitalocene? : nature, history, and the crisis of capitalism (PM Press).

Manou, Dimitra, Andrew Baldwin, Dug Cubie, Anja Mihr, and Teresa M. Thorp. 2017. Climate change, migration and human rights : law and policy perspectives (London : Routledge).

Moore, Gerald. 2017. 'Phenomenotechnics and disavowal : climate change and the politics of deferred experience', Azimuth.

Moore, Gerald, Nikolaos A. Mylonas, Marie-Claude Bossière, Anne Alombert, and Marco Pavanini. 2020. 'La Désintoxication planétaire et la neurobiologie de l’effondrement écologique.' in Bernard Stiegler and Le Collectif Internation (eds.), Bifurquer : Il n'y a pas d'alternative (Les Liens Qui Libèrent).

Nitschke, Claudia. Forthcoming. 'Verteidigung des Paradieses? Res publica und Utopie bei Thomas Steinaecker.' in Dariusz Komorowski (ed.), Wiederkehr der Republik (Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht Verlag).

Oloff, Kerstin. 2019. 'From the Novela de la Caña to Junot Díaz's "cake-eater": World-literature, the world-food-system and the Dominican Republic', Atlantic studies (Abingdon, England), 16: 90-107.

Pérez Trujillo, Axel. 2017. 'Galgos en el llano: La ecología oscura del campo en Intemperie de Jesús Carrasco', Letras Hispanas.

———. 2018. 'Infinitesimal Poetics of the Sedimented Ground: The Pantanal in Manoel de Barros', Mosaic (Winnipeg), 51: 71-87.

———. 2022. 'Exposed Insularities: Islands, Capitalism, and Waste in Jorge Furtado's Ilha das Flores (1989).' in Antonio & Hernández Adrián Gómez, Francisco-J. (ed.), The Film Archipelago: Islands in Latin American Cinema (Bloomsbury).

Stiegler, Bernard, and Gerald Moore. 2020. 'Detox politics : thinking-salving the retreat of the public.' in Pepita Hesselberth and Joost De Bloois (eds.), Politics of withdrawal (Rowman & Littlefield).