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Welcome to the Centre for Digital Theology

Technological innovations are causing a whole raft of social changes across many aspects of life in the twenty-first century.

The Christian Church too, like many other religions, is changing through its engagement with social media, its communication through websites, and increasing use of digital technology in worship, in pastoral practice and in evangelism. The basic premise of Digital Theology is that this emerging digital culture is a new condition in which the church finds itself. This demands fresh theological conversations and new approaches.
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We are a research centre – so our staff write both academic papers and publications as well as writing for a more general audience.

A report exploring some of our work on digital millennials and the Bible was recently published in partnership with Barna and Bible Society. We supervise postgraduate students researching at Durham and elsewhere.


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Everyone Welcome Online

There are a lot of new online churchgoers. We look at how to welcome people into church and faith today, and how to plan for a mixed in-person-online church future. Lockdown and online give us a unique opportunity to re-think and re-grow our churches.

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