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What's God Up To?

The Centre for Digital Theology has been engaged in lots of webinars, conversations and teaching about the Digital Church over the pandemic. In their latest output, Centre Director Peter Phillips, picks up the theme of Digital Theology as a contextual or missional theology, and explores the signs of the times and argues for a God on mission, a God caring for the world, a God reaching out to to the vulnerable.

Read more: What's God Up To?

The Centre's other contributions can be found here: Digital Theology During COVID19

Talking about the E Word in a Time of Lockdown

Leading your Church into Growth have created a new guide to evangelism for the COVID era.

They offer seven steps, suggestions, a whole rainbow of evangelism

Read more: Talking about the E Word in a Time of Lockdown

We are happy to include well-researched documents that will be helpful to those involved in online church: Digital Tools for Churches During Covid19

Covid19 church resource list

A crowdsourced index of useful digital communication tools for church leaders, communications teams and church staff to refer to during the coronavirus outbreak.

As churches across the UK, and the world, have had to transition their day-to-day activities online this handbook exists to serve local church leaders, communication teams, and church staff during the coronavirus outbreak. All of the resources listed here have been crowdsourced from volunteers who want to serve and equip the church at this time. This resource started in the UK, and as a result, some of the resources may be UK specific, however, the vast majority will be applicable regardless of geography.

This used to be a Google Doc running on top of the Google Docs Enhancement Suite. As the number of people using it grew, there were increasing issues with the site performance. The team at OneSheep have been working hard to make the resource list easier to update, search for relevant resources, and share links.

Read more: Covid19 church resource list

Is the Church Growing Online?

Peter Phillips from the Centre for Digital Theology wrote up this two-part reflection for the Religion Media Centre, which looked at different models of church engagement online: enabling, extending and disrupting; and then in the second part took a look at the Facebook view figures which Bob Jackson explores mathematically on the Surveys and Statistics page.