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Sections of the Report

Part One: What is going on and what is God doing?

Fears that the Lockdown would close the church are unfounded, quite the opposite. Many churches have responded by going online, others are holding together in other ways, and it seems we are now reaching more people than before. Some wonderful stories of what is happening.

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Part Two: Who is responding and why?

Analysis and experience seem to be showing that most people are getting in touch with their own local church or the one they have the strongest past links with. Local, re-assuring low-key is working well.

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Part Three: Welcoming well in the lock-down church.

This look at how to do online church well includes a comparison of the different ‘platforms’ used and good practice for human welcome and follow up. Lots of good practice, great ideas, and encouraging stories.

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Part Four: Welcoming the crowds when Lockdown is over.

This surveys the different options open to us when Lockdown is over so that we continue to grow online and considers how to prepare now in readiness for this. And we need to be ready to welcome those who have become part of our church online then visit our physical building.

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Part Five: Learning Together.

We have a lot to learn and we can do this together by sending in stories and ideas, and doing surveys.

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