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Dr Nima Gerami Seresht, Department of Engineering

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Anthro-Physical Design of Sustainable and Resilient Built Assets

In this presentation, I will discuss my research focused on a novel design approach (anthro-physical design) to improve data-informed decision-making in designing built assets.

In several engineering applications, the performance of built assets (e.g., resilience and sustainability) is predicted during the design stage to optimise the characteristics of the asset. To this end, the conventional design approaches often use the physical and functional characteristics of the asset and overlook the impact of highly dynamic occupants’ behaviour on the asset’s performance. The anthro-physical approach aims to address this gap by integrating the physical and functional characteristics of assets — captured by building information modelling (BIM) — with the behavioural characteristics of occupants — captured by agent-based modelling (ABM) — to deliver the most realistic prediction of the asset’s performance.

In this presentation, I discuss some general topics related to anthro-physical design and its application in my more recent project, determining the disease-resilience of office buildings.

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