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Welcome to History and Philosophy of Medicine and Disease

Explore our range of research.

Centre for History of Medicine and Disease

Cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research and postgraduate education in the histories of medicine, health, disease, medical ethics and science.
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Institute of Medical Humanities (Critical Concepts)

As well as producing new thinking about human experience, we influence scholars, practitioners and stakeholders through creative and ambitious training.
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Medieval and Early Modern Ecologies and the Arts

Marginal natural elements and negotiating the coded systems of meaning used to represent the natural world in the medieval and early modern imagination.
Ancient natural forest

Science, Medicine and Society

A world-leading network of philosophers, historians, and sociologists, researching cutting-edge issues connecting science, medicine, and society.
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Centre for Humanities Engaging Science and Society

Special areas of focus are climate science, economic modeling, evidence-based social and economic policy, public health and biomedical science.
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Ancient Science

The cultural and social dimensions of ancient science and technology, and on reconstructing the perspectives of ancient knowledge communities.
Stone steps made by an ancient community