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Welcome to Public Health and Inequalities

Explore our range of research.

Durham Health and Social Theory Group

We are focused on regional, national and global trends such as climate change, health trends, community-based health programmes and health behaviours.
Two women and a man in exercise clothes

Urban Worlds

We are interested in what is 'new' about contemporary urbanism, including the techniques through which cities are governed, the how lives are lived.
Modern urban city district

Geographies of Life

The boundaries of life and non-life, and human and non-human life, are at stake across a range of contemporary scientific, social and economic.
Three people stood on a hilltop

Colonialism, Neo-colonialism and Ecology

Global discourses on the distributed responsibility of the current climate crisis often ignore the colonial histories of exploitation that continue.
Woman crouched in gas mask with tank and tractor behind her

Politics-State-Space (PSS)

Our research is inspired by the political urgencies of the present, while seeking broader historical contexts and conceptual links.
Four people at a protest holding boards

InSPIRE Air Quality and Brain Health Consortium

Our vision is for everyone in the UK to be able to breathe clean air that promotes a healthy brain and cognitive life.
A hiker arms stretched breathing in air

FUSE The Centre for Translational Research in Public Health

Our mission is to transform health and wellbeing and reduce health inequalities through the conduct of world-class public health research.
People walking and cycling along a pathway looking from behind

Centre for Ethics and Law in the Life Sciences (CELLS)

Innovative teaching and dialogue on the ethical, social and regulatory issues raised by the life sciences, such as issues relating to biotechnology.
A woman standing in front of the ocean with her hands in the air.

Applied Research Collaboration (ARC) North East & North Cumbria

Our vision is to deliver 'better, fairer health and care at all ages and in all places' organised around seven key research themes.
Family in the park with hands in the air crouching among leaves

Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilience

Our research encompasses a range of academic disciplines, including the physical and social sciences and the arts and humanities.
Firefighters at a disaster site

Physical Activity and Health Inequalities

We make a difference by addressing inequalities, promoting social justice, and ensuring better health and wellbeing through sport and exercise.
A group of older people walking in the woods