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Rotman Institute of Philosophy 

The Rotman Institute is committed to fostering and supporting dialogue and collaboration between philosophers and scientists, and building bridges between the humanities and the sciences. 

Center for Values in Medicine, Science and Technology, UT Dallas 

The Center for Values in Medicine, Science and Technology promotes public understanding of the complex, crucial role that technological innovations and scientific discoveries play in shaping the values of contemporary culture. 

Policy Insight 

Policy Insight is a UK consortium dedicated to better policy deliberation and choice. Its work is especially timely in view of the UK’s 6 new government-sponsored 'What works' Centres on evidence for social policies in areas from crime to aging. This is an excellent opportunity to move beyond what we now have available from institutions like the Cochrane and Campbell Collaborations, NICE, the US Dept of Education, What Works Clearinghouse and the Oxford Centre for EBM. These provide an excellent handle on what counts as a good comparative study to test what policies have worked in particular study populations and also make readily accessible reliable information about the results of good studies. But they do not provide guidelines on how to integrate this information into complex policy deliberation in order to make better choices. That is one of the immediate problems that Policy Insight aims to tackle. We are now engaged in a series of meetings in Durham and London giving shape to this consortium. 

Global Policy Institute 

The Global Policy Institute conducts multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research focused on the scholarship, politics, and policy of pressing global collective action problems. Our network of world-class researchers, practitioners, and policymakers provides international intellectual leadership in the field of global challenges, and multilateral and transborder governance arrangements. 

John J. Reilly Center 

The Reilly Center explores conceptual, ethical, and policy issues where science and technology intersect with society from different disciplinary perspectives. Our purpose is to promote the advancement of science and technology for the common good. 

Center for the History of Political Economy at Duke University 

The mission of the Center for the History of Political Economy is to promote and support research in, and the teaching of, the history of economics.

Trust in Science at Ca' Foscari University

Against the backdrop of the contemporary decline of trust in democratic institutions, can science be (and be perceived as) both reliable and useful? TIS aims at rethinking the fundamentals of the idea of trust in science in a framework that brings together philosophical analysis and practical applications. TIS originates from a Ca’ Foscari seed grant (SPIN project "Trust in Science") allocated for the purpose of identifying an international network of expertise on trust in science and related topics, and of suggesting lines of research that can have an impact on social debate.