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27 January 2022 - 27 January 2022

5:00PM - 7:00PM

ER231, Elvet Riverside (and Zoom)

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CHESS Seminar Series 2021/22: Juliette Ferry-Danini (FNRS and Université Catholique de Louvain)

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Juliette Ferry-Danini

Title: Mapping the opacity of artificial intelligence in medicine

Abstract: Artificial intelligence has been met with great enthusiasm by the scientific community. However, philosophers and ethicists have voiced some concerns. The concepts of “opacity” and “transparency” of artificial intelligence have been coined with the presupposition that opacity in AI is something to avoid and conversely transparency is a goal to achieve in the field. Numerous guidelines have been published on the ethics of AI, resulting in several reviews. In these guidelines, transparency is routinely described as one of the key principles the field of AI should follow. The aim of this talk will be twofold: first, to map the different meanings of the concept of “transparency” and its mirror concept “opacity” both in the philosophy of AI, on the one hand, and in the philosophy of medicine, on the other hand. Second, my goal will be to pave the way to understand in which sense – ethical and/or epistemological – opacity should be avoided both in medicine and in AI and a fortiori in AI in medicine. In other words, what is the problem with the opacity of artificial intelligence and does the medical context change anything to the issue?


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