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Use of IBRU Maps

The IBRU maps and briefing notes are copyright © of IBRU: The Centre for Borders Research at Durham University. Neither the maps nor the briefing notes may be reproduced in any format without the written consent of IBRU. 

Non-commercial use 

IBRU normally grants permission for the maps to be reproduced for academic and other non-commercial purposes free of charge, subject to the following conditions: 

  1. 'IBRU, Durham University' must be clearly acknowledged as the source of the maps.
  2. When reprinting any map from the Arctic Map Series, a link to must be provided so that readers can view the briefing notes that accompany the maps if they wish.
  3. With the exception of the Central Arctic Ocean map, for which a grey-scale version is provided on this website, the maps must be reproduced in colour. None of the maps may be modified in any way without IBRU's explicit permission.
  4. Further permission must be sought for any additional use of the maps.

Commercial use 

IBRU may grant permission for the maps to be reproduced for commercial purposes subject to agreement on licensing arrangements. 

Available formats 

The maps can be supplied in the following formats: 

  • PDF
  • High-resolution JPG 


All enquiries concerning use of IBRU maps should be directed