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Workshop Presentations

The presentations from the workshop 'Third Party Settlement of Boundary & Sovereignty Disputes' which took place 14-16 November 2022 in Paris in partnership with Foley Hoag LLP


Presentation Tutor Download
International Boundaries & Dispute Resolution Martin Pratt 01 Martin Pratt - International boundaries and boundary disputes.pdf
Mediation & Conciliation Peter Tzeng 02 Peter Tzeng - Mediation and conciliation.pdf
Boundary Dispute Resolution under International Law Derek Smith 03 Derek Smith - Boundary disputes resolution under international law.pdf
Adjudicating & Arbitrating Boundary Disputes Yuri Parkhomenko 04 Yuri Parkhomenko - Adjudicating and arbitrating boundary disputes.pdf
Presenting Your Case Clara Brillembourg 05 Clara Brillembourg- Presenting your case.pdf
A view from the Bench Sean Murphy  06 Sean Murphy -A view from the bench.pdf
Preparing for Litigation & Arbitration Derek Smith  07 Derek Smith - Preparing for litigation and arbitration.pdf
Technical Support in Boundary Cases Martin Pratt  08 Martin Pratt - Technical support in boundary cases.pdf
After the Judgment Karim M'ziani 09 Karim M’ziani - After the Judgment.pdf
Practical Exercise Martin Pratt Erewhon-Utopia exercise.pdf
Special Agreements Examples Special agreements - examples.pdf