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About Us

The Centre for Intercultural Mediation is a research centre focusing on translation and interpreting studies. Its academic 'home address' is the discipline of Translation and Interpreting Studies, yet the centre promotes interdisciplinary research.
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CIM primary objectives

  • to provide a platform for research TIS-related activities in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and other faculties and schools of Durham University
  • to initiate new research projects
  • to develop long-term relationships with local, national and international businesses and organisations that use translators, multilingual specialists and intercultural project managers
  • to generate novel concepts and new forms of communication in our globalising world

Academic Visitors

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Our Research

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CIM has become a hub of cutting-edge TIS research both in the UK and globally. CIM organised many national and international events and invited talks from leading TIS scholars as well as translation practitioners. Since its inception in 2013, CIM has hosted eight international conferences on TS, including the Translating Voice Series and The Asia-Pacific Forum on Translation and Intercultural Studies, and seven Durham Postgraduate Colloquia. CIM welcomed over a hundred guest lectures, amongst its guests were such world-leading TIS scholars as Susan Bassnett, Lawrence Venuti, Gisèle Sapiro, Maria Tymockzo, Christina Shaeffner, Arnt Jakobsen, Henry Liu, Brian Baer, Luc van Doorslaer, Roberto Valdeon, Fabio Alves, Sandra Halverson, Kobus Marais, Sharon O’Brien, Ning Wang and Xuanming Liu, to name but a few. CIM became the Durham home for three IAS senior fellows and around forty visiting scholars.

The CIM has worked with the IAS, OWRI and AHRC Northern Bridge on several research projects. One of the CIM projects has generated an edited Special Issue of Translation and Interpreting Studies entitled Toward a Comparative Translation and Interpreting Studies (2017). The members of the centre exercise academic leadership in the global Translation and Interpreting Studies by serving on the editorial boards of leading specialist TIS journals, such as Translation and Interpreting Studies, Perspectives, Translation Quarterly, Journal of Translation Studies. Dr S. Tyulenev is the Chief Editor of the Routledge Introductions to Translation and Interpreting series.