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Academic Visitors

  • Shaolong Liu, Zhejiang University of Technology
  • Liuqi Wang, Zhejiang University of Technology
  • Zhao Ma, Ningbo University
  • Yang Li, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies
  • Dongxia Wang, Dalian University
  • Jing Bu, Hubei University
  • Xia Xiang, Ningbo University
  • Peng Xiang, East China Normal University
  • Yuhung Wang, Shenyang Normal University
  • Haifang Yao, Zhejiang University of Technology
  • Feng Pan, Shanghai Jiaotong University
  • Jimei Gu, East China Normal University
  • Meihua Tang, Jiangsu Normal University

Academic Visitor Guide


Firstly, please read the Academic Visitor Guide and complete the online Scholars Application form.

The following additional documents should then be emailed to

  1. A curriculum vitae, including a list of publications
  2. A brief Statement of Support from Dr Binghan Zheng, Director, the Centre for Intercultural Mediations and the name(s) of any members of staff with whom you have previously had academic contact. The statement of support must indicate how the visiting scholar will contribute to research in the School
  3. Two reference letters
  4. A detailed research proposal

Incomplete applications and applications sent without two attached references or a CV will not be processed. Please note that you must ask your referees to provide written references and attach these to your application. Applications must be sent at least two months before the start of the proposed visit.

Your application will be considered by the Head and relevant members of the Centre. You will be notified in writing as soon as possible thereafter.