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Members of the Centre for Neurodiversity & Development  have published extensively on many different aspects (e.g. cognition, behaviour, psychopathology, education, intervention) of various neurodevelopmental disorders (e.g. Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Literacy Difficulties, Williams Syndrome, Fragile X Syndrome) as illustrated below. Here is a selection of their more recent publications.  For a more comprehensive list, you can refer to each member’s profile page, or search Durham Research Online. 


  • Kleberg, J. L., Hallman, A. E. Z., Galazka, M. A., Riby, D. M., Bölte, S., Willfors, C., …Nordgren, A. (2023). No transfer of arousal from other’s eyes in Williams syndrome. Scientific Reports, 13(1), Article 18397. 
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  • Kleberg, J., Willfors, C., Björlin Avdic, H., Riby, D., Galazka, M., Guath, M., …Strannegård, C. (2023). Social feedback enhances learning in Williams syndrome. Scientific Reports, 13, Article 164. 
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  • Stanford, C.E., Hastings, R.P., Riby, D.M., Archer, H.J., Page, S.E. & Cebula, K. (2022). Psychological Distress and Positive Gain in Mothers of Children with Autism, With or Without Other Children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders. International Journal of Developmental Disabilities 68(4): 479-484. 
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  • Rossow, T., MacLennan, K., & Tavassoli, T. (2022). The predictive relationship between sensory reactivity and depressive symptoms in young autistic children with few to no words. J Autism Dev Disord. 53, 2384–2394. 
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  • Smith, B., Netherway, J., Jachyra, P., Bone, Ly., Baxter, B., Blackshaw, J., & Foster, C. (2022). Infographic to communicate physical activity guidelines for disabled children and disabled young people.  British Journal of Sports Medicine, 56, (10),588-589.  
  • Lunsky, Y, Lai, M-C., Balogh, R., Chung, H., Durbin, H., Jachyra, P., Tint, A., Weiss, J., & Lin E. Premature Mortality in a Population-based Cohort of Autistic Adults in Canada. Premature Mortality in a Population-based Cohort of Autistic Adults in Canada. Autism Research. (2022). . 


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