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Launch of Triple-A Training Tool

Our new Triple-A training tool, designed to support autistic and neurodivergent pupils at school, is being launched on the 24th of March 2022.
Digital illustration of Triple-A

New research – Barriers to PE at school for autistic pupils

Why do autistic pupils engages less with PE at school? We are doing new research in to the barriers that autistic young people can face when trying to access PE at school. We need autistic teenagers and their parents or carers to tell us what’s good and bad about PE in UK schools for this important new study.
A student sat on a football putch with a ball infront

Foundations for the Future: Participatory research on neurodiversity and development at Durham University

We are absolutely delighted to announce that the team at the Centre for Neurodiversity & Development have been successful in securing over £12,300 in funding from Research England to support the development of participatory research on neurodiversity and development.

Advancing Interdisciplinary research on neurodiversity in Durham

We are thrilled that the Centre has been awarded funding for an Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS) ‘development project’ to run in Michaelmas Term of 2022.

Increasing awareness of neurodiversity: A new policy for supporting a neurodiverse and inclusive student population in their learning

We are thrilled to announce that the Centre has been awarded funding from Durham University’s Equality and Diversity Fund to develop guidance and policies to support positive inclusion of autistic and neurodivergent students at the University.

‘Triple A: Attention, Arousal, and Anxiety in the classroom’ funding acquired

We recently secured funding from the ESRC Impact Acceleration Account and from Strategic Priority Funding to develop a new resource on ‘Triple A: Attention, Arousal, and Anxiety in the classroom’ focusing on working with teachers to support autistic pupils.

"Why do some children become anxious" seminar recording available

Anxiety disorders are the most common emotional disorder affecting children and over the past decades we have seen an increase in the proportion of children experiencing problematic anxiety. In this talk Professor Dodd discusses whether it is possible to identify, when children are pre-schoolers, those who are at risk for experiencing problems with anxiety and what we might be able to do to help.
Profile photo of Prof Helen Dodd

Interpersonal Mechanisms of Social Disability Seminar

We are thrilled to have hosted Professor Noah Sasson (University of Texas at Dallas) who gave a wonderful talk on interpersonal mechanisms of social disability in autistic adults.

A flavour of autism research at Durham University

In this webinar we will give an overview of some of the current research projects we are running in the Department of Psychology and Centre for Neurodiversity & Development that focus on autism. The talks are suitable for a broad audience and gives an introduction to the type of research we conduct. We cover topics such as the autistic sensory world, understanding social situations and eye contact, females with autism, and attention and anxiety in the classroom.
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