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Our People

Our members and connections span many areas of research and experience, within and beyond Durham University.


Professor Deborah Riby
Department of Psychology

Dr Mary Hanley
Department of Psychology

Core Academic Members  

Professor Joe Elliott
Department of Education

Professor Peter Tymms
Department of Education

Dr Dorothy Cowie
Department of Psychology

Professor Nadja Reissland
Department of Psychology

Dr Adam Goody
Department of Psychology

Dr Ben Alderson-Day
Department of Psychology

Professor Steven Bradley
Department of Computer Science

Dr Jingyun Wan
Department of Computer Science

Dr Aloka Rudra
Department of Psychology

Dr Louise Gascoine
Department of Education

Dr Keren Maclennan
Department of Psychology


Core Academic Members (External) 

Professor Jacqui Rodgers
Institute of Neuroscience, Newcastle University

Dr Hayley Crawford
Centre for Psychology, Behaviour & Achievement, Coventry University

Dr Katie Cebula
Moray House School of Education, Edinburgh University

Dr Sinead Rhodes
Mindroom Centre, Edinburgh University

Professor Gaia Scerif
Attention, Brian & Cognitive Development Unit, Oxford University

Professor Richard Hastings
Centre for Educational Development, Appraisal and Research; Warwick University

Professor Emily Farran
School of Psychology, Development, Education, Learning and Outreach in Psychology (DevELOP) Research Group; University of Surrey

Dr Emily McDougal
Salvesen Mindroom Research Centre, University of Edinburgh

Dr Jo Van Herwegen
Centre for Educating Policy and Equalising Opportunities, UCL

Dr Emine Gurbuz
Centre for Interaction, Developmental and Diversity; University of Portsmouth

Dr Atsushi Senju
Centre for Brain and Cognitive Development, Birbeck University

Professor Sue Leekam
Centre for Human Developmental Science, Cardiff University

Postgraduate Research Students & Research Assistants / Associates 

Ellen Ridley
Department of Psychology

Marie Alkan
Department of Psychology

Liz Jones
Department of Psychology

Ellie Hemingway
Department of Psychology

Harriet Axbey
Department of Education

Rhys Proud
Department of Psychology

Helen Probert
Department of Psychology

Jess Hirst
Department of Psychology

Other partners and affiliates 

Non-Academic Partners 

Lizzie Hurst
CEO of the 
Williams Syndrome Foundation UK

John Phillipson
CEO of the 
North East Autism Society

Andy Lloyd
Centre for Life, Newcastle

Ella West
Eric Knows 

Affiliated Practitioners 

Dr Laura Gray 
Educational Psychologist

Tom Nicholson 
Mental Health Nurse, Tyne & Wear NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Janet Crawford 
Strategic Manager, Specialist Inclusion Support and Principal Educational Psychologist for Durham County Council

International Affiliated Members / Collaborators 

Professor Kim Cornish
Director, Monash Institute of Cognitive and Clinical Neurosciences, Australia

Professor Olivier Pascalis
Director, Baby Lab; Baby Psychology & Neurocognition, Grenoble University, France

Professor Mikle South
College of Family, Home & Social Sciences, Brigham Young University, USA

Dr Masahiro Hirai
Nagaya University, Japan

Dr Kosuke Asada
Hakuoh University, Japan

Dr Marisa Fisher
Dept. of Counselling, Educational Psychology, & Special Education, Michigan State