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7 March 2022 - 7 March 2022

9:00AM - 7:00PM


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CNCS PG Call for Papers Annual Postgraduate Conference - 7 March, 2022 'The Interdisciplinary Revolution: Re-Thinking Definitional and Temporal Boundaries in Interdisciplinary Nineteenth Century Research'

CNCS PG is pleased to open the call for papers for the annual postgraduate conference.

CFP: Annual Postgraduate Conference - 7 March, 2022 

The Interdisciplinary Revolution: Re-Thinking Definitional and Temporal Boundaries in Interdisciplinary Nineteenth Century Research


The nineteenth century is often characterised as an era of empire, industry, and reform that brought nations together - for better or worse - with new paradigms of global commerce, social progress, and migration. The effects of these paradigms could be seen in the daily life and politics of people around the world, influencing everything from fashion, music, and food to border policies and labour reform. The unprecedented connections and interactions that arose between groups from different classes, genders, ethnicities, and nationalities in the nineteenth century necessitates an increased cooperation between researchers of all disciplines in the twenty-first century.

Just as the shift from regional to global policies changed the cultural and political landscape of the nineteenth century world, the current shift from segregated schools of thought to interdisciplinary study has led to new and challenging debates on methodology, representation, and even the very definition of the ‘nineteenth century.’ This conference will feature 20-minute papers from postgraduates of any discipline that creatively engage with changing perceptions of temporalities and boundaries in current nineteenth century research, including (but not limited to!):


-How different disciplines define ‘the nineteenth century’ and why (e.g. literal dates, cultural/artistic movements, regnal years, etc.)

-The impact of nineteenth century global reordering (time zoning, colonisation/concessional territories, communication technologies) on regional cultures, past and present

-How nineteenth-century social and legal reforms resonate with or inform current global issues

-Cross-disciplinary challenges to critical theories in literature and art

-Linguistic changes stemming from West-to-East or East-to-West migration and trade

-The impact of religious belief on political-economic and cultural reformations

-The effects of the tourism industry on cultural commodification and cross-continental transit

-The impact of nineteenth-century globalisation on the environment, medicine, and global food sustainability

 -How changes in the use of language/terminology since the nineteenth century may distort perceptions of the past

The deadline for submissions is Friday, 28 January. Please email abstracts of no more than 250 words to Please include a short bio of up to 150 words. Decisions will be announced no later than 4 February. This event will be conducted in a hybrid format in Newcastle upon Tyne, so please specify if you prefer to present remotely or in person.