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26 April 2022 - 26 April 2022

9:30AM - 12:30PM

Teaching and Learning Centre 113, South Road, Durham University.

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Learning Lab II : Co-designing research, generating and analysing data together, co-creating impact & organizing for change

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Participatory Research Innovation and Learning Lab

Are you doing participatory research or planning to do so? Interested in learning about innovative ideas for participatory research?

About this event

The Participatory Research Innovation and Learning Lab (PRILL) is a series of workshops for Durham University researchers (including doctoral students) and members of community, voluntary and other organisations. Here we will learn from and inspire each other, and work together on innovative ideas to tackle ethical, practical and methodological challenges arising from doing participatory research in all disciplines.

Coordinated by Durham University’s Centre for Social Justice and Community Action (CSJCA).


Learning Labs are experiential workshops designed to enable people who are new to participatory research to learn more about approaches, methods, ethics and impact in this type of research. Participants will be able to discuss their challenges and learning needs as well as test out their project ideas with peers in the Learning Lab. A mixture of ‘tutor’ input, small group work and case studies of real life research, coordinated by Sarah Banks and colleagues.


Facilitators at each workshop will comprise a small team from the Centre, including Durham researchers Sarah Banks, Sui Ting Kong, Andrew Orton and Andrew Russell, and community facilitators Yvonne Hall, Gaynor Trueman and Sue Shaw, alongside postgraduate researchers.


NOTE1: These workshops are for members of community, voluntary and other organisations interested in participatory research and Durham University staff and postgraduate researchers only. Members of other Universities are not eligible to attend. We will be organising open events in the future, please check our website or request to be put on our mailing list.


NOTE2: Please note that we will seek participants' permission to record the events so we can collate information about how to improve support for participatory research and collect examples of good practice.


For further information contact: 


CSJCA website: