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Centre Director

Professor Chris Cook
Department of Theology & Religion - Medical doctor with over 35 years of clinical and academic experience, research doctorates in psychiatry (MD) and theology (PhD)

Internal Centre Members

Dr Anthony Bash
Senior Tutor, Hatfield College - Honorary Professor in the Department of Theology & Religion; published widely on forgiveness

Professor Douglas Davies
Department of Theology & Religion - Director of the Centre for Death & Life Studies; has published widely on study of religion in relation to relevant topics including emotions and death

Professor Charles Fernyhough
Department of Psychology - Principle Investigator for the Hearing the Voice Project

Dr Jane Heath
Department of Theology & Religion - Biblical scholar; also has interests in relevant literature on spiritual senses

Dr Marcus Pound
Department of Theology & Religion - interests in psychoanalysis and trauma; cognitive psychology; clerical sexual abuse

Professor Corinne Saunders
Department of English Studies - Co-Director of the Centre for Medical Humanities; has published on the spirituality/mysticism of Margery Kempe

Professor Robert Song
Department of Theology & Religion - published widely on bio-medical ethics

Dr Angela Woods
Department of English Studies - Deputy Director of the Centre for Medical Humanities

External Centre Members

Professor Simon Dein
Visiting Professor in Anthropology, Goldsmiths University, Honorary Professor Durham University - has published extensively on spirituality, religion & health; an editor of Mental Health, Religion & Culture; taught on the MA/MSc in STH

Dr Brendan Geary

Dr Isabelle Hamley
Chaplain to the Archbishop of Canterbury - current collaborator/partner in various joint projects including a book proposal on the Bible and mental health

Professor Baroness Sheila Hollins
Honorary Professor Durham University - past president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, has published extensively on learning disability and mental health and was a founder member of the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors

Dr Harold G. Koenig
Duke University, USA - Director of the Centre for Spirituality, Theology & Health at Duke University - leading scientific researcher in the field today worldwide. Planned collaborative work includes a jointly authored book on Prayer and Human Well-being

Dr Sharyn Maxwell
Senior Lecturer, School of Pharmacy, Newcastle University - former SMPH staff and supervisor of dissertation work on STH; research interests in gender awareness & Christian ministry

Professor John Swinton
Aberdeen University - Director of The Centre for Spirituality, Health and Disability; published widely on spirituality, theology & health

Professor Peter Tyler
St Mary’s University, Twickenham - Professor of Pastoral Theology & Spirituality - has published widely on mystical theology, spirituality and mindfulness; current/past collaborator over some years on joint conferences and publications with PSTH

Dr Fraser Watts
Chief Research Officer and Trustee of the Cambridge Institute for Applied Psychology and Religion - Has published extensively on Psychology & Theology