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Faith, Church & Society

The Centre for Spirituality, Theology & Health seeks to draw on the best insights from scientific research and professional practice to build faith and good practice within the Christian Church. It works closely with members of other faiths and wider society for the better understanding of spirituality in relation to health amongst members of all faiths and none. 

It also seeks to engage actively in health-related issues that are at the interface between spirituality, faith, Church and wider society. This engagement has included: 

Experiences of voice hearing 

See also research publications. 

Human Sexuality 

Professor Cook is a member of the Social and Biological Sciences thematic group of the Church of England’s Living in Love and Faith project. 

Mental Health 

Professor Cook has been working with staff at Lambeth Palace on a variety of projects aimed at improving the ways in which the Church of England is able to respond effectively to mental health issues within its congregations and in wider society. 

Conferences on spirituality, theology & mental health, most of which have been offered jointly with local NHS services, have been held in Durham since 2010.